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FrassChar Organic Fertiliser

An instant kick with long term results


Biochar with all the added benefits of frass. What’s not to love?!

A perfect blend of 80% biochar and 20% frass


Frass kicks biochar into action.

It speeds up the maturing process of biochar thanks to its high concentration of beneficial microbes, up to 200 times as much as compost!


Mealworm frass has an NPK of around 2-3-2 and when mixed, biochar absorbs and retains those nutrients longer for your plants to access.

Biochar increases NUE (nitrogen use efficiency) by up to 20%. Forget leaching!


Naturally high in chitin, frass activates your plants defences against hostile insects and soil borne diseases.



  • Kick it off by moistening with water 2 hours prior to application
  • Top dress at 1-5 litres per m2
  • Potting/compost/soil mix up to 10% to volume

FrassChar Organic Fertiliser

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